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Meet the trainers


Name: Arthur Bruce Jr.

Business Name: FIT Happens LLC

Certification: American Counsel of Exercise (ACE)

Speciality: HIIT style weight lifting. It is fast paced, challenging, and perfect for toning, losing weight, and building muscle!

Favorite Exercise: Burpee into barbell shoulder press

Trainer's Site:


Name: Shannon Washington

Business Name: StackedByShan Fitness LLC

Certification: SCW Education 

Speciality: HIIT cardio and weight lifting. I like to mix in the two because you're keeping your heart rate up which means you're torching calories while also building muscle at the same time!

Favorite Exercise: Hip thrusts

Trainer's Site:


Name: Eric Roberson aka MrCommando aka Coach E

Business Name: Commando Athletix

Certification: American Counsel of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Exercise Physiologist  

Speciality: Making people better physically, mentally and spiritually

Favorite Exercise: Goblet Squats

Trainer's Site:


Name: Vernon "Vern" Harris

Business Name: Vern Fitness

Certification: ISSA


Favorite Exercise: 

Trainer's Site: 


Name: Kennedi "Fit Dawl" Wilkes

Business Name:  Fit Fiend LLC

Certification: ISSA

SpecialtyLower Body Gains & Body Sculpting. 

Favorite Exercise: Lunges



Name: Coach 3rd aka Mr. Miyagi of Movemnt

Business Name:  Legacy Fit3

Certification: Exercise Science

Specialty Athlete Development, Speed Development, Neuromuscular Conditioning, Sport Specific Training

Favorite Exercise: Plyometric Movements

Trainer's Site:

*If you want to book a sesion with a trainer, please visit the trainer's website* 

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