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The what?

The Fit Spot is a gym and studio created for Fitness and Wellness Entrepreneurs to reach maximum success for themselves and their clients by alleviating obstacles they may face as they navigate the fitness & wellness industry. At The FIT Spot we want to EMPOWER the Fitness and Wellness Entrepreneur by providing gym and studio space, equipment, and creative control necessary to market and grow their OWN brands.

The why?

Fitness and wellness professionals face many obstacles on their journey to success. Some of these obstacles include:

  • Inconsistent Location/Stability (Sneaking into apartment complex gyms or parks)

  • Lack of Affordable Rent

  • Inability to promote and grow your own brand.

  • Inability to create/design YOUR own programs

  • Underpaid. Underpaid. Underpaid. Underpaid. Underpaid. and Underpaid. 

  • Feeling stuck at a commercial gym as "just another trainer"

The who?

We want to partner with the best certified / licensed Fitness Professionals in the Metro Atlanta Area. We are looking for personal trainers, Group Fitness Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Massage Therapist, Chiropractors,
Dance Instructors, and Kick Boxing/ Boxing Instructors.

Why it makes sense?


We are looking to partner with a variety of different fitness professionals. We offer monthly packages for:

  • Full Time

  • Part Time (Up to 20 hours/week)

  • Part Time (Up to 10 hours/week)

For more information on pricing, please contact

Don't hesitate! Secure your spot to grow your brand! Spots are limited! Visit the Trainers page to view pricing! Ready to take a look at your new home? Email: to schedule a time!

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