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1. Do I need a Membership? 

Yes. Membership fees are just $10 and go towards maintenance & cleanliness of the gym.

2. Does my trainer/Instructor have to operate out of the fit spot in order for me to workout? 

Yes. The FIT Spot is a privately owned gym where only clients of an employed trainer can utilize the facility. 

3. So how does this work? 

Your trainer. Their brand. Their style. 

4. Can I workout alone or do I need a trainer/ instructor?  

We are a unique gym in that we are trainer/instructor centric so you may only workout with your trainer/instructor.

5. How Much Are Sessions?  

Prices are very affordable, but vary based on instructor/trainer. We are all entrepreneurs=] For pricing, please send us an email on the "Contact Us" page specifying which instructor/trainer you are interested in and we will have them reach out to you within 2-3 business days. 

6. Do you offer drop in classes?  

We will offer drop in classes occasionally. Stay tuned to our social media for all updates. 

7. How do I Sign up for classes/sessions? 

Each trainer/instructor will have their availability online at 

8. What if i don't have a trainer?

No trainer, no problem. We have options for you. You can learn more about our trainers, their specialties, and prices right here on the site.

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